Pork Souvlaki (portion)

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Introducing our mouthwatering Pork Souvlaki, a taste of Mediterranean paradise in every bite! Crafted with succulent pieces of pork marinated in a blend of traditional Greek herbs and spices, our Pork Souvlaki promises a flavor sensation that transports you to the sun-kissed shores of Greece. Grilled to perfection and served on skewers or nestled in warm pita bread, each portion is a savory delight that satisfies your cravings with its tender texture and aromatic aroma.

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Nutritional Values of Pork Souvlaki

Nutrient Amount per Portion
Calories Approximately 250-350
Total Fat Approximately 10-20 grams
Saturated Fat Approximately 3-7 grams
Trans Fat Varies
Cholesterol Approximately 50-100 milligrams
Sodium Approximately 600-800 milligrams
Total Carbohydrates Approximately 5-15 grams
Dietary Fiber Approximately 1-3 grams
Sugars Approximately 1-5 grams
Protein Approximately 20-30 grams


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Portion Size

2 pieces, 4 pieces, 8 pieces


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